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There’s still a warm spot in our hearts (and a dirty spot on the wall) that can only be covered with a great Old School “Posting”. We love the poster format, the impact and even the sturdy cardboard cylinders they travel in. Here’s a brief gallery featuring some of our favorite placards, notices, announcements and mini billboards.

scroll down to view more work for this client SDCo_Posters_Haiti Sussner_MonkeyPoster SDCo_Posters_Evel2 SDCo_Posters_Evel1 Sussner_15yearPoster SDCo_Posters_RedCircle1 SDCo_Posters_RedCircle2 ASMP_poster ASMP_2002 AIGA206_poster AIGADesignCamp_poster SDCo_Posters_Voyageur SDCo_Posters_Moving SDCo_Posters_10Years SDCo_Posters_6Years SDCo_Posters_BlueCollar SDCo_Posters_Hunter SDCo_Posters_Lucky SDCo_Poster_Tessa40 SDCo_Posters_Monkey