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GETTING AN AWARD IS A BONUS TO HAVING REWARDING CLIENTS. We can’t say enough about the good people who have graced our conference room. We can’t begin to describe how much we appreciate them and thank them for their trust and business. We haven’t the words to express our immense gratitude and respect. We’re also speechless when handed a glittering piece of industry hardware. Hmmm, we really should get a writer who can handle all of that…

Clients and Awards


  • 333 (formerly Accenture Tower)
  • Acrylic Design Associates
  • American Institute of Graphic Arts
  • Amino Vital
  • Animal Humane Society
  • Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Ascent Solutions
  • Benebone
  • Big Ink
  • Boom Lab
  • Bremer Bank
  • Capella Tower
  • Carbone’s Pizzeria
  • Center for Energy & Environment
  • College Possible
  • Cutters Sports
  • Dairy Products, Inc.
  • EnerChange
  • Franklin Press, Inc.
  • Gassen
  • Hennepin County Bar Association
  • Houston Astros
  • Imagine! Express
  • InVision Distinctive Eyewear
  • Leadership Foundations
  • Life Time Fitness
  • Linden Hills Co-op
  • Macalester College
  • McDavidUSA
  • Mill City Credit Union
  • MinneapolisCondos.com
  • Minne’s Diner/Minneapple Pie
  • Omni Workspace Company
  • Pardon My French Café
  • Park Nicollet
  • Quarto Publishing Group
  • Rockler Woodworking
  • Seiler & Associates
  • Shock Doctor
  • Signature Bank
  • Sioux Falls Canaries
  • Swing Science
  • Target Commercial Interiors
  • Three Bridge
  • Twirl Events
  • United Sports Brands
  • University Bank
  • ZeSa Fitness


When we make stuff that wins an award, we smile, shake hands, say “good game” and get back to work drawing attention to you (where it belongs). We sincerely thank all the companies, organizations and individuals who have handed us the honor of working with them.

Over the past 17 years, Sussner Design Company has won over 270 awards in recognition of over 155 projects, and has been featured in more than 40 international publications and websites.

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  • NOVUM_blue
  • ROCKPORT_blue
  • TARGET_blue
  • GRAPHIS_blue
  • TDC_blue


We’re okay with what folks are saying behind our backs. We stay true to our principles and treat people like our moms taught us to treat people. Here’s a sampling of what we’ve heard from some of our fine clients.

Mary Horwath, Vice President Global Marketing, McDavid USA
“What we appreciate most about working with SDCo is their collaborative style. Extremely responsive to tight deadlines, tough problems and evolving direction, we can always count on them to step up and help us get to the finish line. Any marketer that has created a new brand identity understands how challenging it can be—not only did SDCo perform this task quickly, but they did so strategically and with great thought and finesse. When tested, the new McDavid brand icon and word-mark received a 70% positive approval rating over the existing identity, with participants describing it in the desired aspirational terms. Before the McDavid rebranding, we faced an outdated, tired image. Today, after working with SDCo on numerous branding projects from packaging, web design, merchandising, advertising, global guidelines and more, McDavid has become a sports brand rapidly on the rise—bold, relevant, engaging. Thank you Derek and team!”

Joanne Schlavin & George Atsidakos, Minne’s Diner (Minneapple Pie)
“As a result of Sussner’s work we have seen an increase in business at our restaurant as well as our Minneapple Pie venture. We have received many positive compliments from our customers praising the artwork and creative marketing. In addition, several news media interviewers have commented on how much they like the design work in our restaurant and the Minneapple Pie business, which was created by Sussner Design Company. Sussner has been an indispensable partner and truly cares about the success of our company.”

Steve Seidl, Executive Director, EnerChange
“Refreshingly different. That’s how I think of Sussner Design Company. I use them for my clients whenever possible because they’re the perfect combination of excellence in creative work (especially adept at identity development), and equally important – a breeze to work with. Having been in the agency business for many years, I can recite all the buzzwords and dance the dances that take so much time working with the agency world. Derek et al, are terrific listeners. They focus on the task; know that results from the work are what ultimately matters; and are keenly aware of the importance of timing and budgets. And with all that pragmatism, we always seem to win design awards for the work!”

Howard Miller, President/CEO, Swing Science
“Sussner Design Co. never fails to hit the mark on our creative needs. Our corporate branding is second to none and the business always has a stronger visual presence when viewed against our industry peers. From a product development standpoint, Sussner Design Co. is an essential part of the design team bringing our product concepts to life with high impact graphics. The best part of working with the Sussner Design Team is that our projects come in on time and on budget.”

Charlie Anderson,Managing Partner, Boom Lab
“Not only did Sussner Design Co. work hard to understand our business at the beginning, they’ve helped us expand, refine, and improve our message with each project. We didn’t have a brand before Sussner stepped in. They helped us create Boom Lab from the ground up, and now we have an image, a voice, a vision, and a following, all thanks to their support. Sussner Design Co. helps us reach our target market in ways we would never have thought of ourselves. Their creativity and vision help us stretch beyond the expected into fresh new areas.”

Jill Paul,Graphic Design Project Manager, Animal Humane Society
“What stands out is how much of an impact that all the branding Sussner has done for us will have for people who think of animal shelters as gloomy, depressing places. Sussner really made AHS shine as a joyful, fun, and professional place. Thanks for everything you’ve done these past 7 years to make us look great!”