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The Latest

ONCE IN AWHILE WE NEED TO show off the most recent, hot-off-the-press, just-launched freshness that we are pumping out. This is a collection of SDCo sneak peeks and a glimpse of what's going on behind the scenes.


Amino Vital Packaging

The sun is coming out, the jackets are coming off and pasty Minnesotans are celebrating the end of hibernation season. It’s time to get outside again! Thankfully, your local Target is now stocked with Amino Vital—the energizing protein shake alternative that will hydrate you during and after your sunny activity of choice. We partnered with AV to create a bold, refreshing new package system, complete with juicy, fruity photography.


Allée Entrance Mural

This freshly-installed mural is looking mighty fine in the entrance to Allée. Nothing can enliven a white wall like custom vinyl.


New SDCo Business Cards

When we started running out of business cards, we knew it was time for a kick-ass refresh. 2-color letterpress on sandwiched French Speckletone plus a handy space to note where we met makes these cards worthy of the Sussner name.