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Benebone Branding

Benebone Branding
Benebone Branding

Just as we have mascots of our own, so do some of our clients. Kicking off some past work that features brand’s best friends – cue, Benebone. They came to Sussner with the goal of being the best bone in the business that caters to the most passionate pet parents. In other words to say they had the lofty vision of being the top dog. We knew this product had to be all about the brand. Benebone is an American small family business, producing top-quality dog chews made in the USA. They pride themselves on being authentic, responsible and imaginative.

The Paws Behind It All

The logo process was extensive and included many different dogs. To sum it up, dogs in owner’s arms, different angles of dogs, dog heads, different breeds of dogs, you name it and we most likely considered it. After combing through the rounds of logos, we landed on this dog in all its glory who literally looks like a ray of sun. The position of the dog is playful and a commonly seen one.

Benebone’s Breakthrough

Sussner had the opportunity to continue Benebone’s branding in the packaging. Benebone realizes that form follows function, and as a result know that dogs don’t have thumbs – their product is irregular in shape, ergonomic, and in almost constant motion. Therefore the typeface that is paired up against the playful dog illustration reflects the constant-motion concept of the dog chews.

Most Importantly

Most importantly, Benebone’s founder saw an opportunity to break through in the industry and become the go-to product. A sense of transparency and quality was missing among competitors, which Benebone filled. Their ingredients are 100% made from food. This brand is committed to helping the welfare of dogs through product donations and community involvement.

Certainly, Benebone is making the dog industry a better place one product at a time and we are proud to have our design continuing to be used by this top dog. Benebone. Dogs Chew Good.