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Superior Brand Identity Leads To Brand Profitability

Superior Brand Identity Leads To Brand Profitability

Superior Brand Identity = Superior Brand Profitability

Baby Oh Baby
As a brand steward, you’re like a homeowner. Your house may represent your identity, but your family is your brand. The manifestations of a brand refresh can be as practical as a new bedroom addition, but the reasons go far beyond that. The reason is there’s a baby on the way, which is to say, it’s something bigger, deeper and more critical to the business/family than tactics and aesthetics. And then, babies, like companies, mature, evolve, change and sometimes grow weird facial hair. What are you going to do?
At Sussner Design Company, we’ve discovered over our 18 years, that there are simply no wrong reasons to clarify your message, raise your head above the weeds and upgrade your ability to succeed.
And by the way, congrats on your baby.
Before we seek the answers, we should understand the questions.

What is a brand?
In a word: Reputation. Your brand is not a logo, advertising or marketing—it’s what people think of you. Your brand is the ongoing reality of your identity. Per the dictionary, identity is: individuality, self, personality, character, originality, distinctiveness… and you get the drift. Brand identity is about genuine values, underlying motivation, and how a company conducts itself publicly and privately—the authentic self of a business.

Why should you care?
People tend to simplify things in order to quickly understand what fits where, and how it pertains to them. So they put things in mental boxes and slap them with labels they’ve created. If you don’t take the time to do this yourself, others will do it for you. And if there are 10 people creating their own perception of you, it’s likely that your brand will end up in several different, mislabeled and locked boxes.
By creating and maintaining your own brand identity, you define the “who,” the “how,” and the “why,” as you steer perceptions into your lane. A well-crafted brand identity cuts through competing messaging, helps you attract, retain and inspire the best and brightest, and will ultimately, help achieve your business goals.

What problems did we solve for our customers?
There are many reasons that have motivated most, or all of the companies we’ve worked with. Essentially, they recognized that addressing the state of their brand identity is a vital piece of the puzzle that helps deliver the results important to them. We discovered several commonalities among all the reasons, which we list below and will detail in upcoming blog posts. The solutions are inevitably tied to using the refreshed branding effort as the consistent foundation for all initiatives and tactics.

What is the potential impact?
When done right (which is the only way we do it) nothing but upside. A custom-made, exquisitely tailored brand identity will clarify your messaging, improve your customer’s experience, and arm you with a competitive edge. Experts in brand identity (aka, Us) can help to navigate the complex, provide focused insight through a fresh POV, and complement all players involved in your initiative.  

Dialing, clicking and spinning wheels.
One business owner commented to me that “brand does not matter…” in order to get where he wanted to be, he just needed to make more phone calls and book more meetings. I assured him, if you set the stage for how people think of you, it will help those calls end in “yes,” it will fill your meeting calendar quicker and easier, and it will make your sales process shorter, more profitable and just plain better.

Identify with success.
Our customers have achieved head-turning, job-saving, and course-altering results with a SDCo Brand Refresh. Some examples include:
•  Improved overall tenant satisfaction, increased leases, and realized increase in property value
•  Fueled sales growth by double digits, ultimately leading to company’s acquisition
•  Doubled revenue in five years
•  Met 12-month sales goals in 6 months after product launch
•  Recognized and honored by their industry
•  Successfully led to a national product launch
•  Achieved ambitious financial goals

Ignoring your brand identity is far more expensive than refreshing your brand identity.

The Reasons to Refresh
The eight commonalities we’ve found among the reasons to refresh a brand identity are because you want to:
1. MAKE BETTER MONEY / aka, More money
2. MESSAGE TURBO-CHARGED / Make it clear you’re awesome
3. CRUSH COMPETITORS / Outsmart ‘em & win 
4. SHOW OFF / The new you, the improved you 
5. STAY RELEVANT / Always be in the mix
6. THE VOICE WITHIN / Attract top talent, keep staff happy
7. GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER / A welcoming, impressive space
8. WHEN YOU’RE KILLING IT / Keep killing it more

Look for further Reasons To Refresh details in this blog space.

In the meantime, give us a call if you’d like to get on with the refreshing business of refreshing your brand.