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Reason 8

Reason 8

Quoting our own web site: “You’ve put in the hours, hit the highs, endured the lows and handled the in-betweens. Now it’s time to climb to the roof and shout-out your success. Treat yourself and your audience to a celebratory make-over.”

Celebrating a milestone or anniversary is an outstanding Reason to Refresh.

According to USA Today, roughly 20% of new businesses survive past their first year. The Small Business Administration reports 50% of all businesses no longer exist after five years, and only 33% make it beyond 10 years. So if your business has achieved any of these milestones, you have beaten the percentages and have every reason to celebrate.

For the humble among us, those who believe self-promoting is too much chest pounding, celebrating this type of accomplishment comes with a pass-go-collect-well-deserved-kudos card. We all appreciate an anniversary.

For companies that do very little marketing, this is a great opportunity to create awareness and remind your world that you are here and thriving.

For those operations that have struggled to articulate their differentiators, this is an excellent chance to leverage years of deep expertise that set you apart from competitors.

For businesses concerned that many years in business will make them appear complacent or stuck in the old ways—shake it up and prove that you are continuously innovating.

And lastly, for enterprises that are successful, happy and healthy, this is simply a wonderful occasion to share with employees, clients, vendors, suppliers and industry partners. Based on our experience, there may be an overwhelming sense of pride shared by all who have helped in some way to bring your business to this landmark.

Our clients have recognized milestones in a variety of ways.

Shock Doctor celebrated 25 years of innovation with an anniversary logo and campaign proclaiming the same to their trade.

Allée Creative had us create a 10-year anniversary logo, coupled with materials for an open house event.

Target Commercial Interiors recognized their 60-year achievement with a newly designed (by SDCo) history wall in their corporate office. Franklin Press looked at their 30-year milestone as an opportunity to refresh and update their entire identity.

At 30 years, McDavid fully refreshed their total brand and supported the new launch with a campaign titled, “30 Years New.” And then at 35 years, McDavid celebrated with an anniversary logo that was added to all of their brand materials. See

And, we recently celebrated our own 18th anniversary in business by refreshing our own identity materials, and plugging our new website with a who-doesn’t-want-a-cool-coffee-mug promotion.

A new client whose company is about to celebrate a monumental 50th anniversary recently noted that this anniversary is, “not about us—it’s about everyone else.” To his point, this is not just about looking back, but about the present, and the excitement of the future.

Milestones are windows of opportunity to create awareness with your target market—and it’s a big free pass to drop a note into people’s in-box.

Reason 8—One more brilliant Reason to Refresh.