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Things Are Looking Updated

Things Are Looking Updated

Sussner Design Co’s specialty is refreshing identities. We define a brand’s “identity” much as you might a person’s identity, in that its personality and character are unique and memorable. And in the case of a product or service, an identity provides recognition of its culture, communicates the nature of its business and differentiates it from competitors.

We mine and ponder our clients’ past and present to balance brand equity, understand successes and recognize challenges. And we appreciate any client who realizes that a successful identity is a living, breathing and evolving entity.

“Why refresh our identity?” On some level, all of our clients have answered that question, or they wouldn’t be our clients. But we have almost 20 years of experience fielding that question. Here are the SDCo Top 8 Reasons to Refresh:

Our clients are established, and are now in transition due to changing business objectives, growing pains or opportunities and/or evolution to new markets. In some cases their existing identity, being based on past trends, styles and colors, has just faded and fallen out of favor (see Reason 4).

The point of this blog is simply, relevance, and that includes ours. We realized that several of the “Reasons to Refresh” applied directly to ourselves.

Clients also ask “How often should we consider updating our brand?” In the absence of a major business evolution, a brand should be refreshed every 3-5 years. We were admittedly behind schedule with the refresh of our own website. Our excuse is of course that we were busy helping our clients crush it.

As we set out to refresh our own identity, we followed our own process—the same five-steps that guide our client work (Learn/Advise/Show/Solve/Execute). Defined steps and distinct landmarks remove the mystery and keep clients connected/contributing all the way through the refreshing result. Note to prospective clients: In addition to the pages of work samples on our website, we also have several process-framed case studies showing in greater detail how we work—how we’d work with you when you hire us (was that too bold?).

Even for our own Identity Refresh, we wrote a creative brief, worked through an exercise defining our desired brand attributes, work-shopped our value proposition and positioning statement, crafted a new tagline, added a new version of our logo, designed and printed new business cards, and created and built this new website (with our colleagues Floating Head, Pearl Photography, KemmLab and Fjorge Digital). We also took ourselves to lunch and bought ourselves a cold pint of craft beer to celebrate.

Over the next several blog posts, we will elaborate on each of the Reasons to Refresh. In the meantime, if setting your brand on a new, custom-created, handcrafted pedestal is of interest to you…call us.

Here’s to staying vital, staying sharp and staying refreshed. Cheers.