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Introducing 2nd Surface Design Company


Our specialty remains You

Sussner Design Company has recently taken a closer look at a particular area of design—branded environment work—particularly for professional and collegiate sports teams and franchises—specifically for their arenas, stadiums and venues. This is an area of design work that we find interesting, challenging and one in which we’ve had success in the past. With that in mind, we’ve created a new division of SDCo and would like to introduce 2nd Surface Design Company.

We are in no way, shape or form reducing our focus, lessening our efforts or shifting energies away from our current clients, resources and partners. We are staffed and prepared to handle new work and current work. Clients will continue to be showered with awesome service, heaped with terrific solutions and occasionally greeted by a loveable dog.

To build 2nd Surface, we’re relying on a combination of smart marketing, a little luck and helpful referrals from folks like you. Please let us know if there’s someone you believe could use our services. Or, if you know of a venue that’s in need of 2nd Surfacing, give us a shout. Thank you for your trust, support and business. / 612-339-2899 /